This blog is about my daily life/struggles./challenges with MS and the adventures I have around Nebraska and the country!

I had to write a 6 word essay about myself one time, and I think it sums me up perfectly.

Southern transplant, traveler, thriver, fighter, believer.”

Each of these words holds a special meaning to what defines me. I was born and raised in South Carolina and am therefore southern. I loved growing up in the south, despite the stigma against it, and hope to return to the south sometime in the future. I use the word transplant, because I am now living in Nebraska. I am a traveler in that I love to see the world and to see all the different parts of our country. One of my major goals in life is to travel to all 50 states and do something unique in each state. I felt that being a thriver was appropriate because I am thriving in life, not merely surviving despite being diagnosed with MS. Also I am fighting to see all my goals and dreams come true despite being dealt a tough hand. I am a believer in many things. I believe in God and Jesus, in Clemson football, that people have an innate goodness in them, that my family is more then I deserve, and that my friends are my soul mates.

*I don’t own this song, but it is pretty awesome!

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Southern transplant, traveler, thriver, fighter, believer.